Women's Outreach

Through this mandate, Respect Canada aims to recognize the specific challenges and needs of women and members of the LGBTQ2+ community in the uniformed professions. To this end, we organize various knowledge-sharing events to illustrate these challenges and encourage collaboration to find solutions.

The Lunch & Meet of the Women’s Outreach

The Lunch & Meet of the Women’s Outreach, hosted by the Respect Forum, are virtual events that highlights organizations that provide specific services to women in uniform. It provides an opportunity for organizations to present their services to address the specific needs of women in uniformed occupations.

Our past Lunch & Meet

Discover or rediscover our past Lunch & Meet:

  • Veterans’ Transition Network: Meet Marion Turmine (Director of Quebec Operations) and Claudine Barette (Psychologist) who will be speaking about their retreat for women offered by the Veterans Transition Network.


  • The Canadian Women’s Wellness Initiative: Meet Ann Royer (Researcher and Clinical Lecturer (retired) and Certified TM Teacher) who will share with us an innovative approach to reducing stress and increasing family well-being through Transcendental Meditation (TM).


  • Mission VAV: Join Violette Berberian, Strategy and Communications lead at Mission VAV, as she comes to talk about their program and their Boost Your Mood mission.


Homelessness Among Women. Issues and challenges of housing offers for military veterans and emergency responders’ personnel

The topic of homelessness among women in uniform is vast and faces a real lack in Canada. Silo work that focuses either on veteran-specific challenges, regardless of gender, or on women’s homelessness, without considering the work experience of women in uniform. Therefore, each expertise is relevant to bring these two aspects together in an innovative approach. In May and June 2021, we organized a symposium aimed at opening up the reflection by presenting different approaches to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

* In partnership with The Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness and La Fondation québécoise des Vétérans.

Find the presentations of our speakers here:

  • “Homelessness Among Women’s Veterans: A perspective from the United States” – Servane Roupnel (Université Laval)


  • “Even our home is gendered” – Dr. Paul Morin (Université de Sherbrooke)


  • “The Social Causes of Complex Trauma: A Medical Sociological Approach” – Heidi Rimke (University of Winnipeg)


  • “From Homeless to Helping Heal. How Losing Everything Taught Her She Can Overcome Anything!” – Jillian Brown (Camp My Way)


  • “Effectiveness of Housing First as a Strategy Supporting People to Leave Homelessness and Become Stably Housed” – Tim Aubry (University of Ottawa)


  • “T he Relationship Between Trauma and Housing Instability Among Women Veterans” – Ann Elizabeth Montgomery (University of Manitoba)


  • “Inclusive Practices in Coordinated Access: Outreach to Women in Uniform Experiencing Homelessness” – Cathy Boyce (Human Development Council)



To read the report of our program evaluation of this symposium:


The Specific Needs of Women in Uniforms

Our Women’s Outreach mandate began with an initial symposium to give voice to women in uniform about their daily lives, their challenges, but also their good ideas and solutions. Bringing together women in uniform as well as women working in aid and support organizations, this symposium was a place of sharing with the objective of developing knowledge and collaboration.

* In partnership with True Patriot Love Foundation

To read the full report of this symposium :


FR: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cQ_vk96mvuZPft-b0ev_bW-6XGqimiLn/view?usp=sharing 

Learn more about scientific research around women and the LGBTQ2+ community in uniform

A variety of research, both in Canada and internationally, is examining the challenges faced by women and members of the LGBTQ2+ community in the uniformed professions. Our National Coordinator of Women’s and LGBTQ2+ Outreach provides reports on these research projects: 

<les liens doivent mener aux rapports qui seront, de base, dans la page « Academic Outreach »>

  • Become an ally of the LGBTQ2+ communities: 


  • The Evolving Discussion on Military Sexual Misconduct and Military Sexual Trauma: An Introduction


  • Research for change: Examining the history of the LGBT Purge in the Canadian Armed Forces


  • International Women’s Day: Transition and Identity


For further information regarding upcoming webinars and resources please contact our Women and LGBTQ2+ Outreach National Coordinator Servane Roupnel ▸lien vers mon courriel : servane@respectcanada.org