Academic Outreach

Darryl Cathcart, CD, EdD

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Empowering academic and community landscapes with respect and understanding, the Respect Forum envisions a world where scholarly exploration, interdisciplinary collaboration, and subject matter expertise converge to address critical Veteran and First Responder well-being issues. Through innovative engagement, awareness initiatives, and the cultivation of knowledge networks, we aspire to foster inclusivity, support diverse voices, and promote a culture that transcends boundaries, inspiring positive change in academia and beyond.

Raising Awareness Among Scholars

  • Deliberately engage academics, researchers, and higher education associations events to promote the mission and engage with Respect Canada.
  • Promote research and publication opportunities focused on mental health, trauma recovery, homelessness, and Veteran and First Responder well-being to encourage scholarly exploration and contribution.


  • Establish an interdisciplinary network and partnership with academic institutions to foster collaboration across health and social services, all levels of government, community organizations, and peer support organizations.
  • Implement a connection program linking scholars with Veterans and First Responders support organizations to facilitate knowledge exchange and encourage research on transition challenges, mental health, and well-being.

Maintaining Subject Matter Expertise

  • Create a central repository of case studies, research findings, and best practices based on the Forums’ discussions and outreach activities.
  • Participate in regular workshops and training sessions for Respect Forum members to keep the organization informed on the latest developments and effective strategies in supporting Veterans and First Responders.


The Respect Forum’s academic engagement plan is a living document, poised to evolve as we learn from our experiences and the contributions of our
community. By focusing on raising awareness, building strong liaisons, and maintaining subject matter expertise, we aim to create a ripple effect that transcends academic boundaries and influences society at large..