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Forum Process

Behind the scenes, several moving parts are in play to help you manage your Forum. The Forum Template looks like this:

  1. Forum Facilitator fills out the Forum Information Form 6-8 weeks prior to the Forum
  2. A Forum page is published based on the information provided by the Facilitator
  3. A series of 5 emails are sent out to the previous Forum attendees:
    • 4 weeks prior to the event – Save the Date
    • 3 weeks prior to the event – Registration is now open
    • 2 weeks prior to the event – Have you registered?
    • 2 days prior to the event – Final reminder – 2 days away
    • 1 day prior to the event, an email is sent to registered attendees with a reminder of the date, time, location and link to the Forum webpage
  4. During the Forum, please take photos that we can add to your web page and send the photos to Terry Telford, the Outreach Coordinator at
  5. After the Forum, please fill out the Facilitator’s Report and send to your Regional Coordinator and to Terry Telford, the Outreach Coordinator at
  6. A follow up survey is sent to the attendees who registered on the website. You will receive a copy of the responses.

Your Forum Page

Each Forum has a webpage where your prospective participants can register and see the latest updates about the upcoming Forum, like time, date, location, Zoom link, etc.

Find Your Forum Page Here

Forum Information Form

Please fill out the Form, so we can create your Forum Page with the correct information.

Click Here to access the Respect Forum Information Form

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