Respect Forum promotes collaboration through networking and knowledge sharing to improve mental health services and reduce homelessness for Canadians in uniformed service who run to danger. By-invitation-only Respect Forum meetings have been held semi-annually since the fall of 2016. With support from Veterans Affairs Canada’s Veteran and Family Well-Being Fund the Respect Forum held 20 meetings in the fall of 2021 across Canada, bringing together 255 participants and 102 diverse organizations.

RESPECT Forums – Spring 2022

We at the Respect Forum are committed to the health and safety of all Canadians and follow local, provincial, and federal safety guidelines and protocols. As we move toward “in-person” meetings, the Respect Forums expect that all attendees will be at least doubly vaccinated. Participants may be asked if they have experienced a recent illness suggestive of the possibility of COVID. All protocols required by the venue and Public Health Guidelines will be followed.

Western Region

  • Regina – 7-March
  • Edmonton – 5-April
  • Comox – 6-April
  • Vancouver – 6-April
  • Calgary – 7-April
  • Victoria – 7-April
  • Winnipeg – TBA

Québec Region

  • Saguenay – 24-March
  • Québec – 21-April
  • Montréal – 10-May
  • Gatineau – TBA
  • Sherbrooke – TBA

Ontario Region

  • Windsor – 9-March
  • Chatham – 16-March
  • London – 23-March
  • Ottawa – 29-March
  • Kingston – 27-April
  • Toronto – 28-April
  • Hamilton – TBA
  • North Bay – TBA

Atlantic Region

  • Moncton – 20-April
  • Saint John NB – 21-April
  • St John’s NL – 21-April
  • Fredericton – 22-April
  • Halifax – TBA

To receive further information regarding the RESPECT Forums, please contact us via our web form or social media. Please include a subject so we can direct your request to the right person. We look forward to hearing from you!

RESPECT Forums Fall 2021 – Thank you!

Regina Fall 2021

In the fall of 2021, the Respect Forum held 20 meetings across Canada, bringing together 255 participants and representatives of 102 organizations.

Regina Forum – September 23, 2021 – Great to be collaborating face to face once again! Special thanks to Regina Mayor Sandra Masters for her participation and leadership at her second Respect Forum!

RESPECT Forum Values & Ideas

In its fight against such phenomena as PTS and homelessness, Respect Forum meetings are designed to promote collaborative approaches to service delivery, knowledge sharing and knowledge development.

There is no membership in Respect Forum and all participants are the guests of the organizers. Each meeting requires an invitation.


Respect Forum Unity

Respect Forum meetings bring together people from health and social services, all levels of government, universities, community organizations, and peer support organizations. Participants have the opportunity to talk about their organizations, the services they provide, the challenges they face, and their research and community engagement activities—paving the way to explore possibilities for collaboration.


Collaboration is Key

Three projects have been, in part, an evolution from the RF in Montreal. These are:

RESPECT Forums – Spring 2021

In the spring of 2021, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Respect Forum held 24 online meetings across Canada. We brought together over 350 participants and 180 diverse organizations.

RESPECT Forums – Fall 2020

Despite COVID-19, we conducted 23 online meetings nationally!

Thank you Fall 2020

RESPECT Forum Patron and Senior Advisor

Lt-Gen Retd Guy Thibault

Lieutenant-General (Retired) Guy Thibault

Lieutenant-General Guy Thibault retired from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) on 8 August 2016 after 38 years of loyal and dedicated service to Canada, the CAF, the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. He held a wide range of command and staff appointments within the Army, and at National levels. Upon promotion to Lieutenant-General in 2011, he served as the first Canadian Chairman of the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB) in Washington, DC. This international organization is an entity of the Organization of American States and is the oldest regional defence cooperation organization in the world.  View full biography ▸

RESPECT Forums – Spring 2020

Despite the disruptions caused by COVID-19,  we conducted 22 meetings through videoconferencing with 265 participants nationally! Everyone’s commitment and flexibility was instrumental in providing this essential service. The comments we have received have been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you for your patience, cooperation and support during this difficult and challenging time.

RESPECT Forums – Fall 2019

In the fall of 2019, we held Respect Forum meetings in 22 communities across Canada, bringing together 336 individuals representing over 200 organizations, adding Comox BC, Saguenay QC, Saint John NB, and Moncton NB. We are definitely better together!

RESPECT Forums – Spring 2019

Thank you to everyone who attended the Respect Forums. In the spring of 2019, we held Respect Forum meetings in 19 communities across Canada, from Victoria, British Columbia to St John’s, Newfoundland. Through these events, we brought together some 464 people from a wide range of military and civilian service organizations and academia.

The Respect Campaign is a Not-for-Profit founded by Doug Bellevue (Task Microelectronics Ltd.). Since their inception to January of 2018, the Forums have been privately funded through donations by IsaiX Technologies Inc. (HCol Steve Gregory) through the 3rd Battery of Montreal Artillery (3BAM). 3BAM is a registered charity that supports veterans and cadets in the Montreal region. Veterans Affairs Canada has supplied a grant under the Veterans and Family Well-Being Fund that will enable the expansion of the Forums across the country in 2021-2022.