Promote the core Canadian value of RESPECT between Canadians, our Military and Veterans.

The uniform deserves our respect and wearing the uniform must display respect. Veterans deserve our respect. Those who are suffering from PTSD or those who end up homeless on the street deserve our respect and need our support.

An SHS volunteer and veteran

An SHS volunteer working on the street.

Photo: SHS

Soldiers Helping Soldiers (SHS) is a volunteer activity, developed through the initiative of serving personnel, which seeks to connect homeless veterans and/or veterans or serving members not yet, but on a trajectory to be, homeless with the services and benefits to which they are entitled.



Create public awareness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and homeless veterans by building a specific monument and promoting RESPECT merchandise and events.

They called it Soldiers Heart in the American Civil War, Shell Shocked during the First World War and Soldiers Fatigue during the Second World War. It has been around a long time and it is not going to disappear. Awareness of this must be continuously promoted.


Raise funds to help support our Government and Canadian Forces with merchandise and fundraising events.

Government and Canadian Forces cannot do it by themselves. They need the support of the public and the business community. Funds raised will be given to Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services and directed to approved programs targeting PTSD and Homelessness.


Foster awareness and collaboration among groups and individuals who are tackling the issues of PTSD and homelessness among veterans.

These groups include; NGO’s, hospitals, charities, veterans associations, local governments, the Canadian Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs. PTSD and homelessness among veterans is a serious problem that requires a collective effort and shared resources.


Those who have served and suffer from PTSD are legitimate casualties of conflict and are entitled to the same care and support as all other casualties. Homeless veterans and those suffering from PTSD remain in the conflict and should not be left behind.